Thursday, June 09, 2011

Dork Dog

Ya'll remember Chester, right? He's a corgi-mutt we got from the local animal shelter. As a corgi, he's fairly hyper and wants soooooo badly to have something, anything, to herd. Being a dog, he is too interested in tormenting cats.

You also remember that Possum had kittens, right? She had three kittens, but one didn't make it. So, we have a grey stripe kitten (the runt of the litter) and a tuxedo marked kitten. The grey kitten (still unnamed) decided earlier this week it likes us. Really likes us. As in, when we were coming in the other night from dinner out, it came charging right off the steps and crashed onto the driveway.

Last night, it decided it wanted to join us in the back yard while we were out with Chester. It walked right up to the fence and mewed at Chester. It seemed to regard Chester more as an obstacle than a threat.

Tonight, it made a bee-line for us in the back yard. And, Chester was appropriately curious. Only, so was the kitten. And, Chester has enough negative experiences with cats to know they are dangerous things. So, the kitten ended up chasing Chester around the yard. Chester, curious about it; and the kitten wanting to curl up and sleep on him.

Chester finally has a kitten that wants his company, and he won't let it near him. Dork.

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