Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I should also never read medical web sites

This morning, I found myself in conversation with a woman I know only from committee work. I've always liked her sweetness and sense of humor, but didn't know much else about her. Apparently, she works for a group home for youth from unstable homes. She was talking about some of the aspects of her work she finds difficult and/or amusing. She said that one of the biggest issues they encounter with their kids is food hoarding.

She went on to explain that when children have really unstable homes, their survival instincts kick in . . . and that often means worrying about the next meal.

Here's the kicker . . . when I first was taken in by the Old Folks, I also had a bit of a food hoarding issue. And, as she was talking about the kids in her group home, it occurred to me . . . what if my near obsession with cooking is the way I cover my food hoarding?

I mentioned it to ESK . . . and she had the exact same reaction . . . except she didn't have the food hoarding issue in her youth. So, I'm telling myself that the 8 different vinegars in my cabinet is just because I'm passionate about salad dressing. Or maybe, I'm manifesting my inner chemist . . . yeah, that's it, I'm a chemist in disguise.

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