Friday, June 10, 2011

Act of Love

I have a friend who once told me that people are only happy in retrospect. I've tried to live my life in defiance of that idea . . . being happy in the present. But, sometimes, you don't realize what you had until much later in life.

When I was a young monkey, I preferred green beans to be french cut and fast cooked so they were still crisp . . . and slathered with butter, of course. The Old Man preferred green beans cooked a long time until they were very soft.

Generally, the Old Woman would flip flop the cooking styles to appease us both equally. But, there were times she'd hold a few beans back and french cut them for me, special.

Last night, as I snapped green beans to cook them (long style with a bit of bacon fat), I realized what an extra effort it was for the Old Woman to french cut my beans. And, I realized that she did it out of love and affection.

And, I'm glad Phenom prefers the easier long cooking method.

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