Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Week-end of Food

This week-end, I'm having a good friend visit. We were "besties" at one time, and now she's moved away. But! She's visiting us this week-end. We have been chattering away, catching up on the news and gossip. And, as is always the case when I have guests, it's been food, food, food!

We started off with Friday night pizzas. One pepperoni and the other cheese and basil (basil from my garden, no tomatoes because she doesn't like them raw and I didn't know if on pizza they would be cooked enough for her.) We also had a rocket salad with fresh cucumbers from the garden and a homemade balsamic dressing. For dessert, there was cake and ice cream.

Saturday, we hit up the farmer's market early and had breakfast out. We also went to one of my favorite roadside markets and got blackberries. We spent our afternoon making blackberry vodka and chilling out.

Dinner Saturday featured stir fry that included chicken, squash, bok choy, peppers, and snow peas from the garden. I used a ginger/sesame/soy sauce and served with rice. Dessert was a frozen key lime pie. (The easiest thing ever to make . . . buy a bottle of Joes Key Lime Juice and use the recipe on the side of the bottle. Only, I also add the zest of a lime and I double the filling for the store bought pie shell.) Key Lime Pie is always better with a spoonful of real whipped cream.

This morning, I have whipped up a batch of pancake/waffle batter and have pecans to throw in while they are cooking and real maple syrup. I haven't decided if we're having waffles or pancakes yet . . . I may leave it up to my friend.

There have also been drinks of spiked lemonade, mudslides, toasted almonds, and coconut rum in orange juice. It has been a great week-end. I'm so glad to see my friend again . . . and will have to find ways to make her travels back more frequent.

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