Monday, June 13, 2011

The Fine Line

I'm sure you've noticed how the interwebs can track your online movements and then make sure to display advertisements designed to appeal to you, all special like. I actually really like seeing the ads change on facebook according to my status updates. I'm currently getting ads for curry and booze.

But, tonight, when I signed into this space, the sidebar featured ads for a) alcohol treatment, b) marriage counseling and c) private investigators "is he cheating on you" . . . which is kinda freaking me out.

Sure, I've written about the freaky kinks and inappropriate behaviors of politicians here . . . but that's no reason to assume MY relationship is in trouble. Unless! If a nice liberal boy like Tony Weiner can fall down the rabbit hole, isn't society doomed?

Such a fine line between advertising and stalking.

Now, I'm gonna go fire up the drink maker . . . because I can . . . not because I need it or anything.

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