Thursday, August 20, 2015

A nice distraction

So, the anniversary of the deaths of my friend and the Old Woman are coming up.  Well, the anniversary of my friend's death is today, roughly.  Since he committed suicide, we aren't entirely sure of the exact timing.

But, since they died within the same 12 month period and the anniversaries are roughly a month apart, I have this nice, prolonged, funk I get into starting mid-August.  Fun times for everyone around me.

Earlier this month, I received a family heirloom I'd been promised over 20 years ago by the Old Woman: her chiming mantle clock.  Last weekend, I cleared my mantle and set it up.  I love it and find peace when it chimes each quarter hour.  (I give props to the Phenom because I suspect it drives him crazy but he knows enough to say he likes it.)

Last month, I came up with a fairly far-fetched idea and passed it by my friend's father.  He thought there was some merit to it, and has been helping me with some details on his end.  Well, today . . . on the anniversary of my friend's death . . . I have learned that the project is probably going to happen.  In other words, I've been given a packet of very official papers to complete.  I need to double check the dates I was given, but there may be a book in the near future.

This isn't about money . . . I suspect we won't see a dime.  But, this is about keeping his legacy and memory alive.  This is about making sure people don't forget him.  It's about appreciating his talent.

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