Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Three times a loser

Poor Phenom is having a bad week. First, he's having to go back to a work schedule that requires him to be up before 10am and cuts off his 4X a day naps.  Poor baby.

Then, we've had this ongoing discussion about my desire to plant a couple of peach pits (my local peach farmer got only a handful of peaches this year and I was able to get four of them.  I saved two pits to plant.)  Phenom doesn't want me to plant them because he said it will be years before I get peaches and he doesn't want to mow around them.  Well, he lost that battle . . . but he might have won too because we think a squirrel might have claimed my pits.  sigh.

And, there is the clock.  I finally have the family heirloom clock.  It chimes every quarter hour and Phenom claims to hear it when I can't.  Phenom expects it will keep him up at night.   Although, it didn't bother him or keep him from sleeping when we'd visit the Old People.

I'm afraid I'll have to work more on acting sympathetic.  Monkeys are more into pointing and laughing than being sympathetic.

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