Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Denial kicking in

I don't know if I should be angry, confused, horrified, or making plans to move to a Scandinavian country.  The American humans seem to be enthralled by The Donald as a presidential candidate.  Originally, I think most folks thought this was some fringe effort on his part, and soon another candidate would emerge and he'd be forgotten.  But, the media seems to be fanning the flames and the other candidates seem to not know exactly how to respond to this wack job's antics.

So much of his rhetoric makes me wonder if he's not pulling the greatest troll job ever.  A few weeks ago, the Phenom and I had this semi-serious conversation based on the scenario that The Donald manages to be elected President and then when he realizes the financial hit and responsibilities/restrictions the position imposes, refuses to take the oath of office and what sort of constitutional crisis would that create?

Last night, a friend and I played a game of "what could The Donald have to do to get the majority of the American public to turn against him?"

She suggested burning a flag and a bible inside a church.  My suggestion was him being caught on a hot mike scheming to sell this "effin' country" to the Chinese and make billions and billions of dollars on these rubes"  . . . and of course we had several sexual and violent suggestions.  But, in the end, we were dismayed to admit that in all of our imagination, we could not come up with a scene in which he would lose ALL support . . . some asshat out there would still be a fan boy/girl.


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