Monday, July 20, 2015

Favorite conversation

When I was a young monkey, the Old Woman and I had a regular game/conversation that kept us occupied when standing in line or sitting in a waiting room . . . well two . . . the first was creating elaborate plans for if we won millions and millions of dollars in the lotto or publisher's clearing house.  The other is probably better left to another post.

The Phenom and I also have a favorite conversation. . . planning where and when we'll eat and drink in NOLA.  We started this conversation tonight (we'll be there in a week).  Of course, on the day we made the reservations to travel, we decided on the day we'd eat at our all time favorite restaurant, Herbsaint.

There is a new place we plan to try, Latitude 29.  The Phenom first read about it, and sold me when he said "tiki drinks."  But, since first deciding this would be our "new place" we've seen that it is actually very well known for being quite good.  And, the food looks just as well put together and thoughtful.

I must say, NOLA has ruined me for poorly made cocktails. Which isn't exactly a bad thing.

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