Sunday, May 25, 2014


My favorite season has finally arrived . . . farmer's market season.  Tonight's dinner was my faux ratatouille.  Phenom isn't a fan of eggplant, so I use potatoes instead.  Tonight, I had some andouille sausage I sliced up and sauteed before throwing the veggies (peppers, potatoes, onion/garlic/ and squash) in the pan.  I added in some veggie broth and cooked until the squash was crisp/tender.  A new item on the table tonight was purple cauliflower.  Yes.  PURPLE.  See:

There are no filters on this picture.  After cooking, the blues in the purple came out and the steaming water was as purple as kool-aid.  It tasted exactly like white cauliflower, only better because it was locally grown and picked just yesterday.  I wish the Old Woman could have seen it.  She use to marvel at the beautiful color of purple onions.  She would have loved this.

However, my food snob has been tweaked.  One of the farmers was selling fresh blueberries at the market yesterday.  It is too early for the blueberries to have been local.  WHY WOULD YOU SELL NON LOCAL FOOD AT THE FARMER'S MARKET FOR CRISSAKES?  We are another month from local blueberries being available.  And, then one of my friends told me that at her big, urban farmer's market (same state), she bought fresh peaches.  Again, it's another two months from peaches.  WHY!!!!????  Just go to the grocery store and get some shit that got trucked in from South America.

Sorry.  That got a bit more passionate than I expected.  But, still . . . you defeat the whole "local and fresh" thing when you buy out of season, even at the farmer's market.

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