Saturday, May 31, 2014


That would be me.  But, I have a reason.  Just listen.

I went to another community's farmer's market today.  And, I bought stuff.

I've been hearing about the farmer's market in the next big town over.  They show pretty pictures on their face book page.  I have a friend who is a regular there, and she brags about what she gets.

I discussed it with another foodie friend, and we decided that we'd drive over there today.

There weren't as many vendors selling food as in my farmer's market, but the offerings were more exotic.  It seemed more like the pickings of really enthusiastic gardeners.  (And lots of crafty types.)

My haul (and all are items not available at my market) bok choi, asparagus, honey sticks (they did have jarred honey and jams, but I can get good local jams and honey, so I didn't buy), carrots, and garlic/herb goat cheese.

I have beautiful new potatoes left over from last week, so we'll have potatoes and carrots for dinner tomorrow night (I'll figure out a protein), and then Monday night I'll make a veggie fried rice with the asparagus and bok choi.  I'm fairly sure I might have a squash or two left from last week as well.

I don't know if I'll make it back to that other farmer's market . . . but it's nice to know it exists.  It has been decades since I had asparagus from the garden.  The Old Woman use to love to taunt me during asparagus season, after I'd moved out on my own.

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