Monday, June 02, 2014

Fame! Power! Influence! Fortune!

And, most importantly, applause.

The Phenom pegged me years ago . . . I cook for the humans because I love the applause.  (A tap dancing monkey isn't that special for long.)  I think I've reached a whole new low/high (? who knows) on my "culinary skills."

Our cat, Louie, has had "pee pee" issues.  He's had two surgeries in the last 6 months and spent two months living with out old vet.  Our old vet retired, moved away, then started treating animals part time because retirement bored her to tears.  She lives about 4 hours away, but for the really serious stuff, it's worth going to her.  Although, she thought Louie was such an excellent cat, she didn't want to give him back.  (Louie rehabbed in our vet's home rather than in a cage in the clinic.)

Since his surgery, Louie has been on a special, expensive, diet.  Our vet advised us to mix some water into the food to encourage him to get more fluid intake, and thus keep peeing.

Twice, last week, The Phenom has informed me that Louie not only refused to eat what the Phenom fixed, but actually growled at it.  I've had no such issues with Louie.  Again, today, when I came in from work, The Phenom informed me that Louie had not eaten.

I saw that Phenom had just poured water in Louie's food dish, rather than mixing it up.  I took the food bowl, poured off some of the water, mixed it well, and put it down for Louie . . . and he ate every bit.

Poor critter doesn't realize that now, he'll always have to wait until I get home for his mid-day meal.  Little dork.

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