Monday, May 19, 2014


Two stories.

One:  I have dear friends in Portland, Oregon.  I've become a fan/friend of their teen aged daughter.  (Okay, I may have sent her some radical feminist reading materials.)  Their daughter is gay.  She's been openly gay, with girlfriend, since middle school.  I know it just killed her parents that they could not give their daughter a world in which she could enjoy the rights and freedom to marry the person of her heart's desires.  Until today.  I was so happy for this family when I heard about the federal judge striking down the ban on gay marriage in Oregon today.  And, I know that her parents are thrilled that someday, their child will have the chance to enjoy one of the dearest relationships humans can enjoy.

Two: I have a long time friend whose husband has serious kidney issues.  He has been waiting for a transplant for years.  Saturday morning, she texted me to say they were on the way to the big, university hospital because there might be a kidney for her husband.  I was so sad to hear from her Sunday evening that no kidney was available after all.  But, she said, she's okay because they are just disappointed, and somewhere there is a family grieving the loss of a loved one.

I love it when other humans make me wanna be a better monkey.

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