Friday, May 09, 2014

A week off the juice

Both Phenom and I are marking a full week off the juice.  His "juice" is steroids.  He was taking them for a rash that popped up due to the stress of trying to keep a monkey from climbing the walls during a prolonged confinement that seemed much too much like the lab days.  He finally worked his way down to the end of the graduated dose.  He loved being "juiced" . . . he said it made him feel alert and energetic.

My "juice" was narcotic pain killers.  I've been exposed to quite a range of narcotics in the last few months.  Morphine doesn't do much for me.  I spent three days on oxy being the happiest drunk you've ever seen.  I have a huge bottle of vicodin.  But, narcotics are a cruel mistress and I decided a few weeks ago to wean off of them.  I tried it about a month ago. . . just went cold turkey.  I woke up the next morning and couldn't lift my arms.

So, we've had conversations with my doctor and worked out another plan.  I'm trying to return to my old pain meds routine.  It's taken a while and I'm not entirely happy.  I might have to have another conversation with my doc and try one of the newer, fancy arthritis meds.

The upside for me is that I can now have a margarita with Friday night Mexicanish food.  Phenom just misses the days of 'roid rage.  I think I won this contest.

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