Thursday, May 01, 2014

Monkey blocking

In the town where the Old Folks live, there is a Chinese/Japanese buffet restaurant.  The older couple who own/operate the restaurant seem to hold themselves to be the moral keepers of the community.  The Old Woman told me that several years ago, when she and the Old Man went in for dinner, the older woman owner seemed overjoyed that they'd patched up their marriage.  (This included a freebie dish of crab rangoons.)  The Old Woman was confused.  The Chinese woman explained, in hushed tones, that just a couple weeks before, the Old Man had lunch with a young, blonde woman.  (Tsk, tsk)  The Old Woman tried to explain that no doubt that was their youngest child . . . but the owner refused to believe that a woman as dark haired as the Old Woman could have a blonde daughter.

Another friend told me that he frequently lunched with co-workers at this restaurant.  He works in a small office, and frequently, only one other member of the crew was available for lunch.  Oh, and all of his co-workers are women.  One night, he went to this restaurant with his wife and children.  He introduced his wife to the owner, and her response was "Oh, you have wife, too?"

Not long ago, (well, probably longer ago than I'd like to think) the Phenom and I decided to venture out to a local bar for a late night drink.  Sitting at the bar was a young man the Phenom previously had worked with, many years before.  The young man was sitting with a lovely young woman.  They clearly were flirting with each other and smitten.  They stayed well after midnight and as they left (at the same time we did) they were discussing how to prolong the evening.  At the time, I thought little of the night.

This was until the young man friended me (because Phenom's friends have to use my facebook page if they want contact with him) on facebook.  Then, I realized that this young man was married . . . and not to the young woman we'd met at the bar.

Since our encounter, I've noticed that this young man has started posting more about his wife and children.

I like to think that this encounter with a former colleague (whose opinion he values) was what convinced him to stop hanging out with women, not his wife, well after midnight in bars.  I won't have to use the line "oh, you have wife, too?" on him.

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