Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I really need to be cleared to return to work

Remember when I wrote about how my television viewing habits had gone to pot during my recovery?  I might have reached a new low.

During one of the hospital stays, I saw this show advertised, over and over and over and over.  The focal character was such an ass that the ads alone kinda pissed me off and made me hate him.

Then, one night after returning home, I was out of bed (doctor wanted me out of bed as much as possible when I wasn't sleeping) late one Saturday night, watching television with Phenom.  And the show came on.  And, we didn't change the channel.  And, I learned that one night I was in the hospital, Phenom had already watched an episode.

Then, I found myself not changing the channel when I'd just happen to run across it while surfing.

Tonight, I actually sought it out.  And, I found myself thinking that perhaps he isn't so horrible/crazy after all.

Who knew massive piles of paperwork kept me sane?

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