Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And the power and control wheel turns

We're in love again.  He said all the right things.  He surprised me with a little gift.  Now, I'm all giddy again.  I'm sure, in a week's time, I'll think the doctor the most cruel person ever to walk the earth.  (Well, in a week's time I probably won't be conscious. . . details.)

The doctor was eager to explain everything to me . . . welcomed my questions.  Flattered me.  And, surprised me by removing the medical appliance they installed that has been nothing but pain and bother.


He even told me I could do some light exercise if I felt up to it.  AND I COULD TAKE LEGITIMATE SHOWERS.  Of course, next week, it will all come to a halt again with surgery . . . but I'm loving the return to something that feels normal for now.

For the first time in weeks, I don't feel like the poster child for the "People of Wal-Mart."  DID I TELL YOU I GOT TO TAKE A SHOWER TODAY?????!!!!!!

I got to go to the office today.  I even made a legitimate meal.  I can bend over and move like a normal monkey again.  And, we're changing up the meds, so perhaps one day I won't have a balloon for a head anymore.

sigh . . . isn't he just dreamy?

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