Monday, February 17, 2014

Aw, you poked a sleeping bear

On January 26, I wrote about this bizarre medical issue that will require some rather extensive surgery to correct.  Well, I wrote about it about 2 weeks after it first occurred.  AND I STILL HAVE NOT HAD THE SURGERY.

The surgery is scheduled for next week.  It would not be scheduled already if I had not gone full monkey whine on the doctor's nurse.

I spent 3 weeks calling, nearly daily, the doctors (as I was instructed to do upon discharge from the hospital) to get an appointment.  Then, the weather got my appointment cancelled.  That's when I went full monkey whine on the nurse.  (Until that point, she treated me like some crazy person who was demanding surgery and I wasn't even a patient.)  She, to shut me up, promised to email the doctor (notice, even his nurse has to email him for information about patients) and see if there were any truth to my claims.  AND LO!  The doctor confirmed that not only am I patient, but yeah, schedule that surgery.

I have my first of two pre-op appointments tomorrow.  The second is because another surgeon from another practice will be assisting in fixing my monkeyness.

While the doctor has been seeing other patients and lolling around in the snow, I've been growing more and more annoyed.  I am pretty twerked up for this appointment.  I have questions written out.  (Another fun wrinkle is that they have told me the time and date of the surgery, but nothing else.  Can we say power and control issues?)  I am in no mood for bullshit.

At this point, I almost feel sorry for the doctor . . . not really.

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