Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Something Very Wrong with this Picture

The other day, the father of my recently departed friend called.  He was cleaning out my friend's apartment, trying to create piles of items to trash, keep, share, and donate.  He wondered if perhaps I wanted my friend's cook book collection.  (I'd be honored!)  I'm pretty sure he was in tears in the few minutes we talked.  I'm pretty sure his hasty hang up was because of tears that threatened to become uncontrolled.

There is something wrong with the way I've been socialized by you humans.  I accept, almost expect, women to cry.  Sad movies (love them), weddings, super happy events, funerals, bad stuff that hurts others . . . women's tears are wholly appropriate.  But, for some reason, I never actually expect men to cry.  When they do, I find it jarring.  I remember nearly every time I've witnessed a human man cry.

There is something wrong with this fact.  Now, I get that many men aren't going to be dabbing their eyes at the sight of a bride having pictures taken in a park. But, it shouldn't be unexpected that a father would cry at the loss of his son.

Work on this one, people.  Don't bring up the next generation to think men are robots.

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