Monday, August 26, 2013

Sense Memory

My recently departed friend loved music.  Not in the way some people do, listening to pop radio and singing along in their cars.  He was a musician and appreciated the craft of making music.  This led him to appreciate some pretty interesting stuff.   And, it led him to getting to know other musicians.  And, he designed a good number of album covers and band t-shirts in his time.

When we were young, we communicated in the language of youth.  Mix tapes.  I admit, I cringe at the memory of the pop and folk fluff I put on the tapes I made.  His stuff was always dangerous and fearless and most decidedly punk.

This week-end, I had a brilliant stroke and recalled in which closet I'd stashed my old cassette tapes.  And, there they were . . . the mix tapes of my youth.  And, they still play.  And, the art work and doodles my friend included on the cases is now even more precious.

Rock on!

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