Thursday, September 05, 2013


I got a box of items that once belong to or were created by my now dead friend in the mail.  The box just kind of sits in my living room.  I'll eventually hang the pictures and put away the books.  But, we're all a bit inert right now.

After several days of "wishing I was anywhere but here" and being constantly on the verge (if not actually in) of tears, I then moved into what can only be called the "physical manifestation of grief."  Pretty much everything hurt.

We have now resumed something that, to the outside, resembles normal functioning.  Most visitors to my office don't see me looking at the drawing of Ganesh that my friend gave me on our most recent shared birthday.  No one catches me checking his face book page, as if there might be something new.  My co-workers don't know that I spend 20 minutes each morning waiting for my friend to sign on to facebook before I remember it isn't going to happen.

Fortunately, I'm not the only one wallowing in the grief.  My friend's father and brother are too.  That makes us family, right?

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