Thursday, August 01, 2013

Mayo Sandwiches

When I was very young, I recall the Old Woman bringing home a book from the library called the "White Trash Cookbook."  It had been featured on her morning news show, and she was curious.  She was fascinated, in a repulsed sort of way, by a recipe for a 'mayonnaise sandwich.'  It was wonder bread, "balloon bread" as the Old Woman called it,  and mayonnaise.

I thought of this when I read this article about yet another attempt at making some overblown and misguided statement about race and equality.

Many colleges have Persian Student Clubs or Latino Clubs or Atheist Clubs.  These students usually come together because they share a deeply personal but connected history or viewpoint.  Often these groups will highlight their school year with some organized way of sharing their culture with other members of the community.  Music/dance festivals or food tastings or film nights.  It's an opportunity for people to not only feel less marginalized for a short while, but also to help people outside their culture understand their dress, values, foods, etc better.

So, a White Student Union.  Pretty broad.  Just as Latinos will tell you . . . not every Spanish speaking person is the same, culturally.  The same holds for white folks.  There are immigrant white folks.  There are white folks who experienced poverty.  If a White Student Union were to have an event to share their culture with others, what would that look like?  I mean, other than mayo sandwiches?

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