Monday, August 05, 2013

A is for . . .

The world (I guess) is waiting for major league baseball to smack down A-Rod today.  There has been much speculation over just how severe it will be . . . this long awaited punishment for cheating.

Here's the thing . . . why is the player's union defending this guy?  How is it possible that he could ever play again?  How come Pete Rose has a lifetime ban from baseball and all he did was gamble (and never against his own team)?

A-Rod, and the other guys getting caught up in the most recent rounding up of the usual suspects, not only cheated . . . they cheated THE GAME.  And, they cheated other players.  Their "enhanced" performances meant that they got a bigger share of the salary cap, undeservedly.  Their selfishness has tarnished the game.  They created an atmosphere in which younger players felt like they HAD to cheat too.

Ban them all from the sport.  Really ban them.  Oh, and bring back Pete Rose.

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