Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anatomy of a spam fail

The other day, in my personal email, I received notice of a direct message from the twitterverse.  It told me that "Dr. Oz is my savior" and had a link attached.

And, I knew it was a hack job and spam.  Let's examine why it was obviously a hack job/spam.

First, I can't not remember the last time I logged into my twitter account.  I view twitter and linkedin as fairly worthless.  I know, everyone loves them. . . I just can't see the point.  I have a linkedin because I've actually found that I could contact "long losts" through it when they didn't have facebook.  I started a twitter because I was curious.  But, again, can't even remember the last time I logged on to twitter.  So, the idea that someone would feel that a direct message to me through twitter was the easiest way to convey their personal and heartfelt faith was laughable.

Second, the supposed direct message was from someone I know IRL.  And, not only do I know them, actually, but we communicate via other social media on the regular.

Third, this particular friend and I share a love of good food and strong drink. I'm pretty sure this particular friend would not be a minion of Dr. Oz.

And, lastly, my friend has rejected the religious traditions of his upbringing . . . I'm pretty sure some attention-hound, media quack isn't going to replace the most organized crime syndicate of all time.

But, now I have something more to taunt my friend with on a regular.  Thank you hacker/spammers for that.

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