Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summertime, summertime, suuuummmmeerrrrrtiiiiiimmmmeee

I can't sing.  That's why I generally only sing in the shower or the car . . . where I can drown out my own voice with volume or pelting water.

But, yes folks, it started off slow but it is finally summertime.  And summertime means blackberry vodka.  (Well, it also means endless salsa and margaritas and bitching about the humidity.)

This my friends, it Blackberry Vodka in the works:

And, it is super easy and you should make it too.

This year, I found nifty 1/2 gallon ball jars.  I boiled water and slipped the flat disk tops into the water and turned off the stove.  This activates the adhesive on the lids.  I washed and rinsed and dried the jars.

Then, I added 1 quart of rinsed blackberries.  (Just gently shake the water off, don't worry about them being dry.)  1 cupish of sugar, and 1 750ml bottle of good vodka (not great vodka, but decent).  Then, I capped it and shook it vigorously for several minutes until all the sugar was dissolved.  This actually will take a while and you'll be really thankful for a well sealed jar.

Then, put the jars in a closet.  Everyday, for the next two weeks, give the jars a good shake.  Then, after two weeks, you can shake them once a week for a month.

Then, VOILA!  Blackberry Vodka.

I give a jar to my co-workers each year.  This is why I get voted "boss of the year" every year.

The vodka is good to sip.  I like to fish out some of the berries and fold them into whipped cream and drizzle a bit of the vodka over it for a nice dessert.  I think ESK just puts it into her work out water bottle . . . and then works out on the couch with it.

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