Thursday, July 18, 2013

High expectations

I thought about a post yesterday whining about the first-world problem of the changes the Weather Channel has made to their app.  It sucks.  There, moving on.

So, ya'll know that a yoga studio has opened up in our weird little town.  They are slowly, but surely, building a following.  And, it seems that they are offering a diverse array of classes . . . from boot camp work outs combined with an hour of yoga to hot, power yoga, to hopefully this fall tai chi.  I have yet to feel like I could actually keep up with the hot yoga.  I tend to prefer the slower, more stretch-this-out-and-hold-it sort of practice.  But it's good.  I find that having an instructor and classmates helps me not wimp out and I push just a little more.

Tonight, I'm trying a new class.  Restorative yoga.  Lots of supported poses.  And, the instructor promises we'll sleep really well afterwards.

Recent changes to my medication routine have resulted in me being able to sleep through the night for the first time in years.  (YAY. . . I love sleep.)  So, now I have seriously high expectations for the miracle that this class offers.  Too bad it's only once a week.  If it works, I might have to drag Phenom . . . who never sleeps.

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