Friday, June 28, 2013

The next move is ours

I admit, and there were witnesses so denying it won't do me much good, I got a tad teary when SCOTUS released the DOMA and Prop 8 rulings.  In my mind, their decisions were just the logical and right thing to do.  If the government is going to grant benefits to people who are married, then they have to grant those benefits to EVERYONE who is married.  Or, they need to start issuing their own certificates of marriage or domestic partnership or what have you.

But, as with everyone else in the country, there was an emotional part to my response.

I firmly believe that those of us who have state sanctioned marriages have the responsibility to speak up and support those the states still discriminate against.  But, there is more . . . I know too many people who either can't get married or their marriages are treated like a novelty because they are gay.  And, I have a young friend, still a high schooler, who is gay . . . and I want to know that when she's ready (if) to get married, all she needs to worry about is what she's going to wear and what the vows are going to be and if there is enough champagne to go around.

But, this ruling didn't change much for the vast majority of the American population.  It's up to us, now, to get marriage equality passed everywhere.  Now, GO!

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