Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The one regret

I spend way too much time frigging around on the interwebz.  I admit that.  But, I like to think (I'm smug, to be honest) I manage to keep technology to the limits that work for my life.  You won't ever see me ignoring my dinner companion because I'm texting.  I can actually hold a face to face conversation with humans. 

A few years ago, I ditched my smart phone and went back to a flip phone.  The cost of the data plan didn't match up to the 90% of silly, non-essential text messages.

But, this week, I regretted not having a smart phone for the first time since giving it up. 

I had to travel to a big town, several hours drive away for a meeting.  I printed out turn by turn directions.  And the directions google gave me were totally crap.  I was directed to a dead end at an industrial site.  Then, I called the office where the meeting was to be held . . . only to be given totally crap directions by their receptionist.  (Jimmy says he was just ordained last month . . . I don't see him being able to guide souls to heaven if he can't even direct people to his office building.) 

Finally, I found a mail carrier and was able to get decent directions.  I knew there was a reason I've always loved mail carriers.

But, having a gps on a smart phone would have been helpful too.

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