Wednesday, May 08, 2013


I've been able to return to sleeping, for the most part.  And, every day isn't consumed with horror over the last days of the Old Woman's life.  But, the ache is still there.  Today, when a store clerk asked if I had "big plans for mother's day?" I just said no, curtly, but what I was thinking was "she's dead, what would you suggest I do?"  But, I didn't say that.

Some times the grief sneaks up on me in the most inopportune times . . . like during yoga class or during TV shows or when I have something fun and cool and groovy I know she'd love.

Like tonight.  Tonight a friend brought me a surprise giftie. A whole set of them.

Interestingly, and unknown to my friend, I actually thought long and hard about buying some of these when I was vacationing earlier this spring.  I looked at them several times, before deciding I had enough gadgets.

And, now I have a whole set.

At the time I didn't buy them, I couldn't figure out how they could possibly work.  There didn't seem to be that much to them.  I think if the store had a demonstration version, I would have bought them.

BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING!!!  Really!  All you do is lightly press it on top of any container.  I tried it out on a pottery bowl.  AND IT WORKS!  But, then it lifts off with the lightest touch.

The Old Woman would have loved them.  She would have put them on and off every bowl in her kitchen.  She would have regarded them as something of a miracle.

She hated plasticware because she struggled to get the lids on and off.  The last few years, she would just leave the lids off containers stashed in the fridge because it was so hard to get them on and off.  (I bought her some with screw on lids, but those also created problems after a few washings.)  These babies would have solved her problems.   And, she'll never know about this super cool thing.  And, every time I use them now, I'll be reminded that she would have loved them . . . if she'd lived just a little longer.

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