Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I never much cared before now

Thank goodness Mothers Day is over.  I don't begrudge my friends who are moms their opportunity to spend a lovely spring day with their children . . . having a day off the normal schedule . . . something a little extra fun to celebrate being a family.  And, I really did like seeing all the pictures people posted on facebook of their moms, grandmothers, and even great grandmothers.

But, for me, Mother's Day this year was pretty much a pity party.  Which is weird because Mother's Day was never much of a deal before.

But, this year, Mother's Day was more like my own personal memorial day.  Actually, I think for many humans, Mother's Day is more like their own personal memorial day.

Breakfast made by wee hands are nice.  Homemade gifts with too much glue and glitter last a lifetime.  But you can't really appreciate the holiday until you can't have it anymore.

I'm certainly not unique.  I know quite a few people who experienced their first Mother's Day since the loss of their mothers.  I know a few women who lost their children, and Mother's Day is torture.  And, I even know some people who are, after years of waiting, are finally getting to celebrate being a Mom, which adds another level of bittersweet.  And, in New Orleans, countless families will never regard this day the same again.

Frankly, Mother's Day kinda sucks as a holiday for too many folks.

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