Saturday, April 27, 2013

The saddest thing I've ever heard

Well, in terms of being pathetic.  Not sad as in starving monkeys in some government lab.

As we try to manipulate Happy Intern into staying say good-bye to Happy Intern, we like to give future interns the opportunity to speak with departing interns.  Full circle interns.  Of course, this works best when one isn't giving bad interns the boot.  But, we managed to have Happy Intern in the office the other day when future intern was interviewing.  As they were swapping stories and getting to know each other, the topic of housing came up.  There are several apartment complexes that cater to students surrounding the campus.  Students are forever comparing the various attributes of one complex over another and in comparison to the dorms.

Happy Intern talked about the complex she moved into this year.  For the past two years, she had been living in the cheapest of complexes and hating every moment of it.  From packages that didn't get delivered, to the washing machines spewing rust colored stains all over her work uniforms, to the total lack of response to the criminal activities that seem to take place nightly around the apartments, it was a vile place to live.

I over heard Happy Intern telling Future Intern that the complex she lives in now has pizza parties and they don't even guilt-trip you if you're just there to score a free meal and have no intention of signing a lease.  But, then she said the sad thing.  She said "and, what I really like is that they give us real drinks . . . not the watered down lemonade they serve us on campus."

Oh, poor student thing.  Someday, you will only know "real drinks" and watered down lemonade will just be one of those college memories you laugh over.  I promise.

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