Monday, April 29, 2013

Not My Fault

Blame the evil corporate overlords.

I know you people have pinned an attitude on me.  I hear the whispers . . . the snickers you think I don't hear.  I know I've never made a small amount of food, ever.  Yes I'm aware that I hardly ever make what others would deem "enough."

But, this time, it isn't my fault.

ESK's birthday is this week.  I found this fab recipe for a tiramisu dip.  Although it has some sugar in it, the straight up dairy makes it a dessert more in line with our diets.  And, I'm going to serve it with a choice of butter cookies or fresh strawberries.  (I have even talked to my favorite strawberry farmer and he is going to deliver a bucket of his choicest strawberries to my office in the morning!)  And, I can tell you now, I'm going to make too much.

But, hear me out.

The recipe calls for 12 oz of marscapone cheese.  But our local grocery only sells 8 oz containers.  So, do I make not enough?  Of course not!  This is a birthday party!  And, the recipe calls for 8 oz ricotta cheese.  And, again, the only sizes of ricotta available at my grocery are 15 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz.

So, yes, I will actually be making more than the recipe calls for . . . but it ISN'T MY FAULT.  This time.

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