Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pretty much awe

So, one of the funnest things about this new yoga studio is that the cool and groovy humans (and monkey) in this weird little town have something of a secret handshake.  We have our meeting place.  It's our cool people fort and you must be __________________ this cool to come in.

One of the people I have met is a former marine turned high school Spanish teacher.  She also dabbles in herbalism and brings her creations to our classes.  Chocolate/avocado lip balm, why thank you!

Tonight, we were having a fun little facebook exchange when one of her other friends chimed in.  Her other friend happens to be a writer I adored as a young monkey, and have always admired.  I'm afraid I kinda fawned on her.  But, I'm still secretly hoping that she friend requests me.  Or acknowledges my fawning.  Or doesn't think I'm a weirdo . . . I'd settle for her not thinking I'm a weirdo.

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