Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ahhhh Spring

I've gone a little spring crazy.  It was a long, cold winter.  The weather still doesn't seem to want to turn.  I still have not done the annual winter to summer wardrobe switch.  But, I get afternoon sun in my office, and I have the window office.  So, I have a "window farm."

Last week, we had the smallest cilantro harvest ever.  This week, I will need to snip back the parsley.  Soon, I'll have basil for my tomato sandwiches.

Also, in the past week, the strawberry patches have opened up.  I'm a believer in eating seasonally.  I particularly like eating fruit in season.  More precisely, I eat the fruit while it's in season until I'm sick of it.  Then, I'm good until the next year.

I have to confess. . .  I've spent almost $40 on strawberries in the last week.  I might have a problem.

Meh . . . probably not.

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