Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The end of the school year is upon us!!  I don't think I've ever been so happy to be rid of our interns.

First, there was "Bad Intern" .  .  . and today was the last day for "Annoying Intern."  Annoying Intern was something of a psycho drama queen.  Her day moved from twinge to twinge.  A tweak of itch in her shoulder? Probably a stroke.  A tickle in her tummy?  Aliens getting ready to burst forth.  But, her real problem was that she totally whiffed on an assignment, but blamed it on another staff person.  Then, when the truth was sorted out, she spent her last day pouting and refusing to speak to anyone.  Word of advice, if you ever want to be an intern, don't throw a hissy fit on the day your supervisor will be filling out your semester evaluation.

But, tomorrow will be a grand day, indeed.  Because Happy Intern will be receiving an award.  An award we nominated her for.  And, we told her mother.  Her mom rearranged her schedule so she could see her precious be honored for being so excellent.  The award, and the mother traveling from another state are totally a surprise.  Because, when you're Happy Intern, we want to keep you happy.

And, then we get two blissful, quiet weeks before our summer intern shows up.  I wonder what she'll be?  Obsessed with fitness?  Longing and wishing and hoping to get married even though she doesn't have a suitor?  Super prissy?

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