Tuesday, April 09, 2013

HARK! What's that on the horizon?

Why, I do believe it's the last half of the 20th century sneaking up on my sleepy little town.  Yes, peeps, a yoga studio has opened in town.

The woman who opened the studio says that her first month, she had no students.  I just happened to notice that the little hole in the wall where I use to go to tan was now a yoga studio.

She offered a beginner's short course for a reasonable price.  My whole office decided it would be good "staff development" to take the class together.  Frankly, I think it was good for everyone to be on even footing in an activity together.  Oh, and the class was packed with folks wanting to explore this new outlet in town.

The Phenom has been walking around saying "hey boo-boo." Nice.

Who knows what could be in store for our little corner of culinary hell . . . maybe in 10 years we'll get a coffee shop.

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