Monday, April 08, 2013

Sneaky Spiral and an update

Well, first the update.  Intern got on my last nerve today.  Maybe it was because she showed up 10 minutes before she was scheduled to leave.  Or maybe it was realizing that she still has at least a quarter of her hours and only weeks left.  Or the fact that we realized that she was claiming on her time records that being in our office from 12:30 - 2:00 is 2.5 hours.

I told her I didn't see any way for her to pass her internship.  That even if she managed to finish her hours, our evaluation of her was likely to be so poor she wouldn't pass.  I gave her the choice to seriously kick it into high gear in an effort to convince us to give her a better evaluation or cut her losses.  She decided to cut her losses.

I feel bad in that it will, undoubtedly, create a crisis in her educational path.  She wasn't scheduled to graduate this spring, but likely she won't be able to complete a degree in this major.  But, I'm also glad that we won't have the disruption in our office each day, wondering if and when she'll show up.

But, switching subjects . . . the sneaky spiral that wastes way too much of my time . . . the related stories headlines at the bottom of news stories.  I find my self clicking on story after story.  Darn this monkey curiosity!

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