Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This is where I run, screaming, out the back door.

It has been a day.  Trust me on that.  I can't go into specifics, because it involves deals that aren't done yet.  But, I will surely deserve a frosty, adult beverage come 5pm Friday.  Speaking of frosty, adult beverages . . .  in this month's Beer of the Month shipment, there were "Applehead Ale" beers.  Seriously, and in a totally pleasant sort of way, it was beer that tasted of apple pie.  Not apple cider . . . APPLE PIE.  Sadly, I've already consumed those delights.  Perhaps just swigging bourbon from the bottle will be more in order by then.

I'm starting to get itchy for our annual June trip to NOLA.  I've already found our "new place."  I probably go to their menu and drink menu on their web site way too often to be healthy.  Phenom wishes we could take the pooch with us for the "yappy hour" menu for dogs.  We both intend to come back with a worm t-shirt.  We ate worms last summer at the insectarium for free.

Because we have discovered that drinking is even more fun when there is a game, we have decided that next trip we are going to "drink the rainbow."  Each day, we will pick a color and all drinks must be in that color family.  Purple is going to be hard . . . but I can't wait to try several grasshoppers on Green.

Lastly, I think the smell of nail polish makes cats insane.

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