Monday, February 04, 2013

Eye Twitch

The other day, I finally managed to make it to the hair appointment that I missed in December.  As I was sitting there, feeling all comfortable with the non-mutual grooming (mutual grooming at the hair dressers, I've learned, is a no-no) when the asshat sitting in the chair next to me decided to read aloud a meme he'd gotten through the emails.  It compared the various ways people die in this country . . . how many by assault rifle, how many by claw hammers, how many from medical malpractice.  The point of the email was to point out that you are "600 times more likely to die from medical malpractice than an assault rifle."  And, he went on the observe that you are more likely to die from "Obamacare" than assault rifles (making assault rifles safe, right?). 

So, now the Obama administration is responsible for all medical practice in the country?  Sigh.  Such a failure of the American educational system that such a STUPID leap of non-logic could be made. 

Reforming our medical system is not a new issue.  Remember, the Clintons tried to initiate some healthcare reform only to find that actually addressing the issues that break our health care system is a politically untouchable issue?  

Americans still say that our health care system isn't adequate.  Generally, that means that we think the system in place now isn't priced at a reasonable level, there isn't adequate accountability for doctors beyond long, drawn out law suits in which the lawyers benefit most, and generally, to get the services we need, it's a hassle.  Health insurance and big pharma make money hand over fist while holding the fates of peoples' lives in their greedy little hands.  It was this way before Obama, and trust me . . . no matter what the current government does . . . it will continue to be this way, until people are more trustworthy and less douche-y.

However, perhaps if we actually invested in education (not the systems that run/ruin education) we might be able to have thoughtful, meaningful, and productive discussions about healthcare, equality, and lowering the douche factor around the country.

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