Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Too Much Drama

Never did get our date today.  Random drama got in the way.

Just minutes before I was due to leave for our date, Phenom called.  He was panicked.  I assumed one of the cats was dead.  He kept repeating "she got tangled up" and I wondered which cat had strangled herself.  I could picture how horrible it must have been for Phenom to see it and be helpless.

No one died.

Our sweet, tiny, delicate siamese, Fleur di lis was playing and got tangled up in a cord.  When she realized she was stuck, she freaked out.  She went running through the house, Phenom trying to catch her, which probably freaked her out more.  Next thing he knew, she was crashing into a window.  She broke both a pane and the storm window.  Fortunately, the screen held.  Being stunned by the impact allowed Phenom to grab and free her.

As Phenom went to get the items needed to clean up the glass, he saw a trail of blood through the kitchen, into the laundry room, and over the dryer.  He called me.

We determined it wasn't Fleur who was hurt.  We found Louie limping and realized it was him.  He had gashed a paw.  I took him to the vet and they said they would need to sedate him to clean out any bits of glass and stitch up the "flap" (yes, they said FLAP) of skin that was opened up.

It took several hours for us to find all the cats.  They still seemed traumatized.  Phenom most of all.

Hopefully tomorrow, the glass people who didn't show up today will come fix the window.  How much longer before we get some holiday cheer?  This year has sucked.

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