Monday, December 10, 2012

Grown Up

When I was a young monkey,  I thought being grown up meant you could have a coke anytime you wanted it.  It wasn't long before I came to the realization that being a grown up may, in fact, mean you get a coke when you want it, but it also means having to pay for it too.  Bummer.

Since my mood hasn't picked up any, and I'd like to stop losing friends at such an alarming rate, I'm taking tomorrow afternoon off.  Because being grown up means you can do that!

I have a lunch date with the Phenom.  Our local mexicanish restaurant has made a menu change towards fresher, less gringofied foods.  One of the things they now offer is table-side, freshly made guacamole.  They fix it in an over-sized molejete that has some critter's face on it and feet.  I call it a "pet guacamole."  We're totally going to have one with beers.

Then, I'm gonna go have my hairs groomed, er, done.  Perhaps this will buy me a few more days of being pleasant rather than poo-flinging.

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