Sunday, January 27, 2013


I'm pretty lazy by nature.  But, once I make up my mind, I'm pretty stubborn.  Stubbornness usually wins over laziness.

I'm two weeks into this "diet" notion.  I've done remarkably well.  And, I've not made a single prescribed meal on the plan.  Rather, I've taken the ideas behind the plan and put them into action.

Eggs and V-8 for breakfast.  On those mornings I'm able to spend a few extra minutes, I've found that a slice of deli ham, a slice of chipotle gouda, and a bit of hot sauce make a delightful omelet.  A mid-morning snack.  Usually a small handful of nuts and a few cherry tomatoes.  Lunch of meat and veggie.  Often a salad with grilled chicken on it.  But, my favorite is the red curry tofu/green beans from the local Thai place.  I pass the rice along to one of my co-workers.  A snack mid-afternoon of pepper slices and guacamole or baby carrots and hummus.  If dinner is later, I'll have a celery stalk cut up and a bit of chunky peanut butter.  Dinner of meat and veggies.  Usually a cup of yogurt for dessert or bed time snack.

It was a remarkably easy diet to follow.  I often forget to eat my snacks.  But, they are important to keep your blood sugar from dropping and to boost the metabolism.  I did have one day when my head went a bit woozy during a day-long meeting.  But, I was prepared and had a cooler with me filled with snacks (and because I wasn't sure the provided lunch would be something I could eat.)  I whipped out a yogurt and ate, and was fine in no time.

I did break the diet last weekend because I was visiting friends.  I had two alcoholic beverages over the course of the weekend and bread at one meal and a couple of breaded/fried items.  But, for the most part it was veggies a-go-go.

Tomorrow morning, I get to add in a couple servings of grains, drinking milk, and fruit.  Since I just couldn't bring myself to eat sugar free jello with abandon, I cannot wait for the fruit to come back.

I have learned a few things.  Like, don't think that you can eat the yogurt at the top and save the fruit on the bottom to eat last like jam . . . because it isn't like jam at all.  I actually like the taste of V-8 juice.  The few extra calories of non-fat Greek yogurt is totally worth not eating that weird "lite" stuff.  And, although pepper strips and snow peas will never really replace chips, you can eat bean dip with them and not feel too deprived.

I don't weigh myself, so I can't report the pounds lost.  But, my clothes are looser and I've fit into some things I've not worn in a while.  I no longer feel the overwhelming need to nap after dinner anymore.  I do feel like I have more energy.  And my skin is clearing up, I feel at least 1/2 an inch taller, and I'm pretty sure the mardi gras committee tried to call earlier today.

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