Thursday, January 10, 2013

This might have been a mistake

This afternoon, I've got some prep work for a lunch meeting tomorrow, and the evening plans include traveling to a community a couple hours away for a social event.  So, being that I'm the "boss" around here, I'm taking the afternoon off.  To consolidate my errands, I thought it would be fun and easier if I just took Chester into the office.  That way, when I leave at noon, I can just drive him to "doggie spa" for his sleep-over. 

First thing, he went for the trash can in the kitchen.  I know that for a brief time, 12 years ago, he was a doggie of the streets.  BUT THAT WAS 12 YEARS AGO!  You get braised chicken thighs for dinner everynight along with the occassional treat from a drive through.  Stop thinking the best food comes from trash cans.

Then, he peed where the office christmas tree had been.  I caught him before it was a lot.  But, I'm thinking this is his last trip to the office.  I've never known him to ever pee indoors before.  He's even spent the night in our bathroom when the weather got too frightful.  AND IT WAS A FAKE TREE.

So, now, he's still on his leash, the leash is hooked to a cabinet in my office, and he's not being allowed out of my sight.  And, he's a terrible flirt with the people who are coming by the office today.

UPDATE:  All the co-workers have come into the office to spoil Chester.  And, when I told them of his attempt to drink from the toilet, he looked at them like I was lying on him. 
Now, he's asleep at my feet, and I'm afraid to move a muscle for fear I wake him up and he decide he needs to pee again.

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