Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Bit 'o fluff

When I was a young monkey, waterproof radios became available.  Specifically, radios marketed for the shower.  Now, you could hear the news or sing along to your favorite rock while scrubbing down. 

Oh, I so wanted a shower radio.  The Old Folks had objections to me carrying a radio/tape deck into the bathroom and blasting it loud enough to be heard over the shower.  I. DON'T. KNOW. WHY.

The idea of a shower radio caused them to visibly twitch.  So, it was just a dream.  An unfulfilled dream. . . UNTIL NOW!

I had a gift card from a big box store I don't normally shop.  I think I've been in one of their retail facilities once and it was overwhelming with the huge variety and amount of stuff.  The card was soon going to hit that icky point where the gift amount was going to decrease each month I didn't use it.

I bought a whoopie pie pan.  (Look out Valentine's Day . . . bad puns be a coming) And some mis en place bowls.  And a shower radio.

The sound is crap . . . very tinny.  But, I will admit, there was some shower time boogie yesterday morning.  (Humans still sleeping today, so no monkey screeching today.) 

Now, I will totally justify that grande coffee drink on the thought that I got 3 extra minutes of exercise, thanks to my shower radio.

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