Sunday, January 06, 2013

One of these days, I'm going to sign up for a airline rewards program

I took 4 trips to NOLA last year.  And three the year before.  I wonder if I could have gotten a free trip by now if I were signed up for a miles reward program.

I have just, today, purchased a ticket to visit a whole new city.  Portland.  The dream of the 90s, and all.

For a monkey who has lived in the South for several decades, I seem to have collected a small following in Portland and the Northwest.  Hopefully, this trip will be one long eat fest.  From what I hear, it is a food destination.

The Old Woman never got to travel.  She loved it when her family traveled.  She would be pleased to see me going someplace on the planet that isn't New Orleans, again.  (We'll be back in NOLA next summer.)

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