Friday, January 11, 2013


I've put forth, in an earlier post I'm not going to take the time to actually look for, my theory that if I can't find you on the interwebs, you must be in jail.  (Even the recently departed still have a digital footprint.)  My chief example of this theory was the person I dated in college. 

More or less, we dated for about three years.  Relationships at that age are so fluid and undefined.   And, he often had "other girlfriends" at the same time I considered myself in a relationship with him.  And, he did a lot of drugs.  I didn't do drugs.  Apparently, doing drugs often leads to interesting relationships with other humans who do drugs.  I was at a stage in my life when I was still figuring out how values translated into specific actions/rules in my own life.  Let's just say . . . boy! am I glad to not be there anymore!

Anyway, we had the break up that many relationships that are based on not much and individuals with wholly different outlooks on life and the future usually experience. (That was charitable of me, wasn't it?)

Fast forward several years and plunk the interwebs into our lives.  I, every once in a while, look for folks I use to know on the web.  Early monkeyhood friends.  School friends.  Even past relationships.  For the most part, I'm able to have fairly cordial relationships with folks I've not seen or heard from over the years.  Although, the relationship with this dude was such that I didn't really think I wanted to ever be his friend again. 

I am facebook friends with a couple of his immediate family.  I liked them.  I did find it interesting that not once has his family EVER mentioned this guy to me.  Additionally, he's never appeared in any of the family gathering photos.  Including the big ol' family reunion for the Grandmother's 90th birthday. 

You know I assumed he was in prison.

A week or so ago, his younger sister posted pictures of her family's "delayed" christmas gathering.  She noted that ALL of her brothers were in attendance (although two of the grandchildren were absent.)  And, lo!  There are pictures.  Including one of the college beau. 

He looks bad.  Like really bad.  Like either he's got a serious drug habit or just got out of prison.  (I considered that he could be ill, but dismissed it because his family is pretty regular about posting about the health concerns of other family.) 

So, in the best, most mature way possible . . . I WON!!! 

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