Wednesday, November 07, 2012


By the time I got home from work yesterday, I'd had it.  I was sick to death of the hyperbole on facebook . . . the media predicting this or that.  The end of the world is at hand!!!

When we sat down to dinner, Phenom turned on CNN.  I said I didn't want to see any election coverage at that early hour.  The polls had not yet closed in most states, including our own, and so all the media would be able to do is hype.  And, really, haven't we had enough hype?

Later, I logged onto face book and spent the evening chatting with my oldest, dearest friend in the world.  We talked about politics lightly, but mostly we were silly and funny.  (She'd had this creepy dream in which she'd married a co-worker and it was this very lavish 18th century deal. . . )  While we were goofing off, I could occassionally glance up and see posts and track how things were going, or not.  I could joke with my friend about the person I know who use to claim she were this big ol' liberal who voted for the "right" guy but actually voted for Dubya TWICE, and keep from worrying too much about the outcome of this election.

Then, when "liking" a post from a friend who feared that her wine supply might run out before the election results were in . . . one of her friends said that her media outlet had just called Ohio for Obama.  And, shortly thereafter, media outlets started calling the election for Obama.  It was a fun, low stress way of watching the returns, and now my friend and I don't have to move to a country with socialized medicine and a more progressive view on personal relationships . . . yet.

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