Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Delightful reconsidered

So, like, there is the possibility (slim) that perhaps I'm not as delightful as I think I am.  Rocks my little world!

I admit, I stepped into a battle I probably could have just stayed out of and stewed over quietly.  But, I find that quiet stewing leads to resentments and grudges. . . and that's not delightful, damnit.

Last night, a facebook acquaintance had a complete melt down over how much he hates living in the south.  He characterized southerners, as a whole, as bigots and racists and stupid.  And, truthfully, who amongst us hasn't shaken our heads from time to time over the stupidity surrounding us?  But, I think the viciousness with which he attacked, and his continued comments just rubbed me the wrong way.

I slept on it, and this morning, I still felt the same way.  And, to illuminate my discomfort over his rant, another friend (an artist living in NYC) posted that his boss sent all of the employees home last night with the admonishment that they should stay indoors because the "black people are going to riot when Obama loses." 

I sent the Mr. Melt-down a private message (see, that was sensitive of me) to say that I found his blanket statements about southerners offensive and offered him the example of my artist friend's boss to demonstrate that racism and stupidity exist everywhere. 

Mr. Melt-down responded by saying "I don't like you.  Don't ever contact me again.  This doesn't change my opinion about the south, it is a horrible place!"

Frankly, this response was unexpected.  Honestly, and I don't know why, I expected some sort of half acknowledgement that perhaps not every living soul in the south is a racist and a bigot.  Not that I care if he likes me or not.  He just didn't play into the script I expected. 

However, I do believe that I wasn't entirely wrong to express my feelings in the manner in which I did . . . privately, respectfully, and without attacking him personally.  I guess when I become the Evil Monkey Overlord, I know who will be on latrine duty.

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