Thursday, November 08, 2012

Puddin' Head

This is one of the kittens born under our laundry room back in August.  I've started calling him Puddin' Head.    He's kinda thug.  He is very selfish with the food plate; often smacking at the other cats to keep them at bay as he scarfs food down as fast as he can.

I posted this picture of him on facebook the other night.  Within 15 minutes, he'd found a home.  This evening, I've brought him in so that he can become accustomed to being a pet, and learn what a litter box is. He would squall pitifully when we'd leave him in the bathroom, so he has spent much of the evening sleeping on us and purring like a well tuned mower.

The only hard thing is, by the time I leave Saturday morning to deliver him to his new home, Phenom will have become attached and will insist that this is the perfect cat, and accuse me of giving away the perfect cat.  Which is silly, since we all know Louie is the perfect cat.

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