Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You should probably never trust my advice

I made a fairly startling realization this morning.  Although, I believe I give good, decent, morally defensible, and practical advice to humans on a regular.  I mean, really, I'm just practicing for the day I become your evil monkey overlord. 

But, then I realized that two of the most significant decisions in my life were actually, on paper, kinda haphazard and risky. 

Imagine . . . ME!  The monkey that likes to have a plan, flying by the seat of her threadbare pants.

I chose my major in college because of an article I heard on NPR.  It was about a ground breaking new approach to a masters degree program at another school.  But, the article stayed with me and after a couple of weeks of replaying it in my head, I looked around, realized my school had a public policy program, and changed my major.  One of the smartest decisions I've made. 

And, then I moved to this tiny little town, had this interesting life because I followed a guy.  Such a feminist of me, right?  But, I've had a fantabulous life.  I have satisfying work.  I have fantastic friends.  I have a comfortable home.  And, again, one of the smartest decisions I've ever made.

So, I made decisions based on my gut.  But, I have the gumption to make the decision work out.  Isn't that what you really want from an EVIL MONKEY OVERLORD?  A strong gut and the stubbornness to make it work out?

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